About Angela Artemis

Angela’s story…

Welcome coaches, entrepreneurs and salespeople weary of hearing, “Let me think about it and get back to you.”

I’m Angela Artemis, Business & Success Coach and that was the response I used to get from too many prospective clients.

Hearing this zapped my confidence, had me doubting whether I was even supposed to be an entrepreneur, stressed and worried about my finances and always on the ready of running back to a J.O.B.  I poured my heart out delivering valuable solution-oriented coaching in complimentary sessions but I continued to struggle until I found the root of the problem and learned how to turn things around.

Now my greatest joy in life comes from showing you the proven strategies to easily enroll premium clients and make the money you desire and deserve for all your hard work!

Using the W.I.S.D.O.M System™ process I teach proven 100% effective business building strategies to coaches who are ready to make real money doing what they love, stop working 24/7, ditch the anxiety, overwhelm and confusion and stream line their business by working smarter not harder and all by being genuine not pushy or salesy.

The W.I.S.D.O.M System™ also helps clients discover and eliminate the hidden inner hangups that hold them back from attracting clients with ease, filling their practice and making the big impact and big income they desire and deserve. Clearing inner blocks helps clients feel authentic, empowered and confident during sales conversations which leads to closing more premium clients, filling their practice and making more money while sharing their gifts and talents with the world.

My online business journey began as a search for a way to make a new living after economic downturn.

In 2008 I started a blog advising readers on how pay down debt and increase wealth based on my 20+ years of training in financial planning and experience in private banking, investments and finance. But my heart was really in personal development which I had studied for decades so, I moved on to start a new website and began writing about personal success strategies, mindset, mind-body-spirit connection and personal development techniques.

After five+ years of teaching these principles I attracted a huge following of over 300K from around the world with my best selling books and became recognized as an expert in intuition and inner guidance I began getting requests to help other coaches build their businesses too.

Helping other coaches led me to finally achieve my dream of quitting my job but after a while my business stopped growing. I worked 24/7 trying everything I knew to attract more clients and increase my income but all that happened was that I got very frustrated, burned out and nearly gave up. I started to doubt myself and began waking up in the middle of the night riddled with fear and anxiety about my future. “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do this?”

It occurred to me that the business strategies I was using while important were not enough. Something was missing. What I needed was a personal development technique that would root out the stubborn beliefs, sabotaging fears and money hangups that were keeping my income stuck below an inner glass ceiling….and that’s when I came across the vital “missing link.” I learned to apply a mind body technique, EFT to remove the limiting beliefs that led to my money rut, improve my confidence and push my earning capacity beyond the inner glass ceiling I’d been bumping up against and it worked!

And that’s when I decided that I would teach both successful sales conversation strategies and mindset strategies to my own clients so that they would never be stuck and go through the dark days I’d gone through. Now I show awesome, talented coaches how bring in the clients and income they deserve and bring back the fun and fall in love with their business and life again using my proven W.I.S.D.O.M System™.


Angela also offers private and group mentoring for clients from around the world. For complimentary appointment to discuss your needs: Click here.