Are You Stuck in a Money Rut? Take the Quiz….

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Are You Stuck in a Money Rut?

Are you stuck in a Money Rut?

Take the quiz and find out.

Track all the “Yeses” that apply:

1. You’re income has plateaued or gone down.

2. You have income swings….up one month and down the next.

3. Do you work really, really hard but don’t have the income to show for it?

4. Are you tired of taking business building courses but not getting the results they promise?

5. Is there a mismatch between your plentiful credentials, talents and abilities and the money you bring in?

6. Doing strategy, discovery or free sessions but not converting enough clients?

7. You work so hard you can’t imagine having to put in one more hour to make more money!

8. Your work or business feels like a struggle.

9. Sometimes you question whether you’re really cut out for what you’re doing.

10. You wish you could take a vacation and not worry about the bills.


How to interpret your results. Give yourself one point for every “yes” you got.

If you came up with 7 or fewer yeses you’re probably just going through a brief rough patch. Don’t worry look for opportunities and something will open up for you to increase your income soon.

If you came up with 8 – 13 yeses than you probably are in a money rut. Try focusing more on gratitude and what you do have. Stop seeing the glass as half empty. Set your intention and focus on meeting your goals.

If you had 14+ or more yeses you’re definitely in a money rut. You need to go deep and find out why you’ve been stuck for so long and what’s holding you back from making more money. You’re most likely burnt out and losing hope from struggling for so long.

If You’re Not Happy With Your Score Here’s Your Next step…

You can get out of your money rut. It takes finding out what’s holding you back and getting clear on how to move forward.

Contact me for a complimentary Money-Block Breakthrough Session and let’s shine the light of clarity on exactly what needs to change so that you can stop working so darn hard, stop spinning your wheels and attract more clients and make way more money from now on.

Contact – me here.

Angela Artemis is an intuitive sales strategist, wealth mindset coach & best selling author of "The Intuition Principle" teaching coaches and entrepreneurs to "speak intuition" to discover & eliminate limiting beliefs so they attract more clients, make more money and grow their business.

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