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Navigating by Intuition – An Amazon Top 100 Paid Kindle Book

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Navigating by Intuition is an Amazon Top 100 Paid Kindle Book!

My first book, Navigating by
Intuition, is among the top 5 books in its category on Amazon.

Navigating by Intuition – How to Follow the Signs teaches you how interpret the signs the Universe is sending you.

Navigating by Intuiton a top 100 paid kindle book on AmazonEven if you don’t think you have an intuitive bone in your body you too can learn to follow the signs the Universe is sending you.

That’s the beauty of my method. It can be done by anyone. You don’t need to be a professional intuitive to do it. You don’t need to practice. All you need to do is read the book to find out how you can receive intuitive guidance directly and on demand from the Universe, when you need it. The book lays out the easy to follow steps to ask for guidance and how to follow the signs the Universe sends to you.

Years ago I began researching signs. After many years of observation I realized that the Universe had been answering my questions through signs all along. When things happen in our lives they are signals from the Universe telling us which way to go on our journey through life. The signs are are roadmap that direct us to our highest good, if we hear them, that is. If we don’t we may flounder in our lives and wonder where to turn.

Never pay for an intuitive reading again when you learn my system! Now you can become your own intuitive adviser.

Navigating by Intuition – How to Follow the Signs can be found on Amazon. It’s a Kindle book available for immediate download.

Don’t wait – learn to follow the signs and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Angela Artemis is an intuitive sales strategist, wealth mindset coach & best selling author of "The Intuition Principle" teaching coaches and entrepreneurs to "speak intuition" to discover & eliminate limiting beliefs so they attract more clients, make more money and grow their business.

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