I had known Angela as a business acquaintance for several years. Being neither a believer nor a disbeliever in ethereal beings, I attended her public reading one evening, perhaps more out of curiosity than anything. I was stunned when, within minutes of her reading, I realized she was clearly describing my sister, who had passed several years earlier. Her physical description, the memories she brought up of our childhood, and the more recent events leading up to her death left me speechless. I was not just amazed; I was also comforted, and literally felt a warmth come over me during the entire reading. Angela’s emotionally supportive personality is very consoling, and I believe she is truly gifted.” –Erin Moran

My Mom succumbed to Parkinson’s Disease in December of 2014.   The last several months of her life she had become completely non-communicative due to her Parkinson’s.  I had a very hard time getting over her passing.  Through Angela, I was able to connect with my Mom in September of 2015.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was my Mom.  The things that Angela described during the meeting were only things my Mom would have known.  Words can’t begin to describe how much better I felt.  She made me understand that she has been, and always will be with me by the things she said.  She was happy, having fun and doing all the things she was unable to do at the end of her life, due to the constraints of Parkinson’s.

We reached out to my Mom, for the second time in March of 2020 and she came through again.  This time she was with our very close relatives who had passed.  Again, no doubt that it was my Mom, my Godparents and Grandparents.  They were all together, happy and perfectly described by Angela.

In both sessions, we were able to ask questions that were answered through Angela.  I had such an overwhelming sense of peace knowing that my Mom is happy and with her loved ones.

I would absolutely recommend Angela Artemis to anyone who is struggling due to the loss of someone special.—Joan D., Oakland, NJ

My sisters and I were able to communicate with our mom and other family members who were very important to us through Angela. It gave us all such happiness and peace. Angela is truly blessed with a special gift. Thank you so very much Angela.   Rose L., Penn Yan, NY

My two sisters and I had a meeting with Angela Artemis at the end of March 2020. This was the second reading we had with her. I just want to thank Angela for doing such a wonderful reading where we learned so much more about how my mother, in particular, and our other relatives are doing on the other side, in heaven. Her descriptions of our family were specific and clear. We were so excited to learn of what our relatives were up to. She described in detail what certain people were wearing or doing. Without knowing exactly who they were. In her description it was very clear to my sisters and I who these relatives were. We asked about our grandfather. Angela then saw a man wearing suspenders and holding a tomato in his hand. Our grandfather always wore suspenders and grew the biggest tomatoes in the town.

Angela was able to paint a picture of where our mom and relatives lived and how happy they are. We were amazed at the things that came through. Angela is very easy to talk to. She made us feel very comfortable. To be able to communicate through her to our mom and relatives is truly a gift. And to know that our mom is with us whenever we think about her is truly priceless. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone who needs to connect with a loved one who has passed on!Lynn S., Punta Gorda, FL

The session really helped me feel like I’m still connected to my mother, and that is truly comforting. Thank you so much.
What I want to share is something pretty incredible!  Toward the end of our session you asked if a pink hurricane lamp meant anything to me. I responded that it did not. You said, “Well, she’s showing me a pink hurricane lamp. One of those oil burning lamps.”  I thought further, but nothing came to mind.  I do remember saying, “Well, my 7 year old daughter Aubrey is going to take over my mother’s old room. Maybe my mother wants me to get one for her!”  I was saying it partially in jest.
After our phone session ended, I took several large bags of my mother’s clothing over to my favorite charity to donate it.  I had been there with my mother once or twice in the past.  The charity benefits a nursing home which is run entirely by nuns.  It is the most pristine and clean nursing home I have ever been in. There is such a sweetness about the place – I’ve considered volunteering some time in their thrift store just because I love what they do.  Anyway, so off I went to donate bags of my mom’s clothing.  Moments after walking in the door, I scanned a shelf of knick-knacks (as I always do in a place like that!) and lo and behold, amidst dozens and dozens of odds and ends, stood a PINK HURRICANE LAMP. It sat there almost shouting my name…..saying LOOK AT ME!!!  Buy this for Aubrey!!!  I knew beyond a doubt that it was my mother, guiding me to it, to buy it for her granddaughter (my daughter Aubrey) for her room.
Isn’t that wonderful?
–Heidi Budnick

My [mediumship reading] experience with Angela was both profound and powerful. I was especially impressed because she was dealing with someone born and raised in a different country, with different experiences and culture. Didn’t make the slightest difference.

She has a unique talent and as someone who has had readings with some of the best Psychics in the world at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, London…I can say with absolutely certainty Angela is a gem.

–Elle Sommer

“I contacted Angela Artemis for a professional mediumship reading after my husband’s friend passed on.  Because his death was unexpected and sudden, we needed to process our grief.  It didn’t take long for Angela Artemis to tune in.  She gave us descriptions that she would not have known.  I was thoroughly amazed! What I like best is Angela’s care as she went about the session.

I highly recommend Angela’s reading services. She is very gifted.  Not just a psychic, she is loving, compassionate and provides wise insights.  If you are hoping to contact a deceased loved one or get a psychic reading, then she is the person to go to.”

–Evelyn Lim

I had never met Angela when I had my mediumship session. My younger brother Sam had recently died at 44 from a short and painful fight with pancreatic cancer. Angela knew nothing of Sam or myself, or any information about him prior to the reading. I had been in a state of true grief since his death and had consulted one other medium, which hadn’t left me sure that I’d connected with my brother.
Angela has a beautiful warm intelligence. Immediately the information and imagery she presented during the session were uniquely Sam. Messages that were clear and personal via images that were unmistakable and that she couldn’t have known about. It wasn’t just the information that Angela presented but her mix of loving attention, humor, and the ability to be with me as I processed the emotion which came up as I felt more and more connected to Sam’s presence. I am an intuitive myself.. and have known many talented readers over the years and Angela is gifted.. and a gift.
Since our reading, although I dearly miss my brother, I feel so close to him, know he is with me, have messages that have stayed with me and it’s made a difference that I hadn’t expected to feel. I turned a corner in terms of the pain- and for anyone who is grieving the loss of somebody they loved, I wish this for you as well. Angela has been given something special.. a great talent and a generous heart.
–Lisa Claudia Briggs,MSW Intuitive Body












Business Coaching:

I worked with Angela in her “Wealthy Coach & Consultant’s Sales Blueprint” program on tapping away my fears about getting rid of my fear of sales and starting a new career – the job I have now is a total dead end job and I absolutely hate it.
I wanted to become a personal trainer and I knew that in order to do that, I had to get over being terrified to approach people to sell to them. Each week we tapped through various fears I had and some things from childhood popped up that I thought I had dealt with already. She helped me to realize that I was still allowing some of the things I went through as a child to hold me back.
The thought of sales used to make me want to run screaming in the other direction. I’m happy to say that I will have a new job in sales soon and I’m actually excited about the upcoming challenge. I will also be running my own health and wellness website on the side until I can build up a clientele for personal training services.
I can never thank Angela enough for giving me the confidence and strength to figure out what fears were holding me back and helping me to realize that sales is not a dirty word. I’ll be helping people! I’m very excited about where this new avenue – and new found courage – will take me!!
–Summer Currie,

Business Coaching:

I was first introduced to Angela Artemis by a friend who worked with her and experienced amazing results. He suggested I call her and see how she could help me and my business. I took his suggestion and made that phone call which was one of the best decisions I ever made. Angela and I spoke for a while and I could feel her warm, calm soothing voice comfort me as she explained her process working with her clients. As we continued to speak, something strange was happening to me. Normally when I’m in this type of situation my conditioned mind would tell me things like “this won’t work, or don’t believe her, or she just wants to use me to make money etc,etc.”  The more we spoke, the less I listened to my conditioned mind and more I listened to my heart.  At the end of our wonderful call I agreed to become her student and take her course.

One week later was my first call with Angela. We began with Angela asking me all sorts of questions to determine what blocks I’m experiencing that are stopping me from reaching my full potential. As we narrowed it down, we then began doing an exercise called tapping,  in which you lightly tap on different parts of your body call Meridian points (imagine acupuncture  without the pain.) After reach round, Angela would take my emotional temperature to see if the pain or fear I was experiencing was going down. Much to my amazement, I found that many of the fears or anxieties that I had around certain issues were beginning to subside and like a heavy weight were lifted off my shoulders, I began to feel so much better.

Angela, knowing that she could go even deeper into my issues was not satisfied with the results and had me do even more work on myself, and again I was amazed how much better I felt. Our session was to be an hour, but Angela wanting to really help me went a little over our session to make sure I was in a good place emotionally before we said our good byes for the day. Over the course of the next few weeks, Angela continued to work with me going deep within to discover what my real issues were that were keeping me blocked from reaching my full potential, Angela went all the way back to my elementary school days, to once and for all release what was keeping me stuck and holding me back.

To say releasing over 40 years of stuff that was blocking me would be an understatement. It has now been a couple of weeks since I had my last session with Angela, and I feel like a new man. I am a financial planner and meeting with new clients is the life blood of my business. Since working with Angela, I’ve noticed that I’m receiving referrals on a weekly basis. These are unsolicited referrals, eager to meet with me.  I’m meeting more high net worth clients, with assets double what I’m normally used to seeing. Most importantly, I feel great like a new man, many of the fears, doubts, anxieties and worries have gone and I’m excited what the future has in store for me.

I would recommend Angela to anyone who is tired of being in the same old rut, or is ready to make a change in their life, or wants to take control of their life, or who is willing to look deep within to find out what is keeping yourself blocked from reaching your full potential. If you’re not willing to at least take a look at what is possible, then next year at this time you will be in the same position you are now. Do yourself a favor, give Angela a call and find out for yourself, if she is the real deal or not, I know I did and I haven’t look back in regret since.

UPDATE: Angela, I’m now on track to breakthrough my glass ceiling for the first time in years, hit multiples of six figures and to double my income by next year! Thank you for this amazing program.

–David Katz, Katz Capital Management


Business Coaching:

I strongly recommend Angela’s “Wealthy Coach & Consultant’s Sales Blueprint” program to any one who feels they have reached an income plateau or are just plain stuck. Identifying the blocks that were preventing me from moving forward was actually a little painful. But facing them and coming to terms with them was liberating. Even exhilarating. And though I had heard great things about Tapping, I was still a little skeptical.

Over the term of the course, it was as if the tapping exorcised my demons and reinforced my strengths. In fact, immediately after tapping, I felt “high.” It was amazing. Little miracles occurred each week, money-wise. And the end result–I have recast my goals and have already seen success. I feel nothing can stop me now.”

UPDATE: “Since taking the course with Angela amazing things have occurred. I acquired three new pieces of business for my PR agency, for which business had been stagnating. All three are ongoing and have great $5K+ monthly potential. Two were businesses we had talked to previously but said no, the other came through a referral. It was as if a door that had been locked just opened up. In ad

dition to this a dream became a reality. I trained rigorously to be a Yoga teacher but it is very difficult to get a position without experience. The first two places I applied to said yes! Thank you, Angela.”

–Rosemarie Monaco, Group M Integrated Marketing


Business Coaching:

Before taking Angela’s “Wealthy Coach & Consultant’s Sales Blueprint” program I was always willing and open to receiving money but I was not aware that I had some deeper thoughts that could prevent me from having this occur. What made me want to breakthrough my money-blocks was that I had heard about Tapping so I was willing to try this method to unblock any negative thoughts I had associated with receiving more money. Angela’s program helped me a lot. It made me aware of the issues I had blocking me about money, it allowed me to uncover negative thoughts I held about money and clarified my thought patterns about deserving it and receiving it willingly.

I now notice I have more opportunities coming to me on a daily basis. Doing this work allows me to be aware of my negative views about receiving money and how to change my thought patterns about that. Angela was a great person to work with, we did our sessions over the phone once a week and she made the whole experience a pleasant one.  I would recommend trying Tapping to anyone interested to change their lives for the better. This can be for money issues, relationship issues or any negative thoughts that may be embedded within us.

UPDATE: Since tapping with Angela I not only landed a better job out of the blue but I filled my pipeline with qualified home buyers that are now beginning to close. Once all of these deals close I stand to make a substantial high five figure commission!

–Scott Scarpelli, Finance America Mortgage


Business Coaching:

I was able to get into some core issues about success and making money with Angela Artemis in with the technique of tapping (EFT). She is extremely astute, compassionate and intuitive. One of the issues that I found out while tapping with her is that I had an “unspoken contract” with my mother that I would never make more money than she made. This awareness really made me question my own income goals, I also had a memory that when my breasts developed as an adolescent, I instinctively felt that my mother was jealous and I made an internal pledge never to eclipse her in any area of life again. This was definitely holding me back! The fact was, that even though I had made a name for myself in the field of coaching, that I had never earned more than $60K/year. Working with Angela helped me question my own glass ceiling – and here is where the MIRACLE came in. I made a goal, after the tapping, to make at least $75K in 2016. A couple of days later I visited my tax preparer to go over my income taxes for 2014 and my income for the year 2014 (which I had never sat down and properly calculated) was ACTUALLY $75,078.00! In fact, I had ALREADY MET my goal for 2016 in the year 2014. After tapping with Angela, I doubled the rate of my hourly coaching fees and I am getting happy return customers at the rate of $250/hr. If you can get just a moment of Angela’s time, it is more than worth it. My income goal for 2016 is now $95K or more and the most important thing is that I KNOW I DESERVE it!

Karen Goldfarb, Life Coach


Business Coaching:

People throw around the words, “life changing” a lot. But when it comes to my work with Angela Artemis, I can honestly say that my work with her did, in fact, change my life. Angela used powerful conversations combined with intuition and tapping to ferret out my deepest blocks around money so I could examine the beliefs I was living under and make conscious changes to my thoughts and actions. It feels like there was a cellular shift for me! And you know what else? I had so much fun during the process. Angela’s energy and humor eased all of the shame and distress I used to have around money. I truly feel like I am starting a new financial chapter of my life, thanks to my work with her.

–Sherry Richert Belul,


Business Coaching:

“From Passion to Profitability is a wonderful course for anyone who is looking to start a passion-based business or make one they already have more profitable. I’ve been running my passion-based business for years and I came away from Angela’s course with many great ideas about lead generation and closing sales that have already boosted my revenue. In fact, using just one of Angela’s techniques allowed me to get a high-end client to say yes. Without this idea, she might still be thinking about working with me!

Thanks for that, BTW! I did what you said and the client said yes, and paid right on the phone like you said. Very nice!”


Jessica Sweet, Wishingwell Life


Business Coaching:

Business Coaching: From Passion to Profitability could not have arrived at a better time for me! I set out on my own in January of 2012 with a great blog, a couple of ghostwriting clients and an urgent desire to make a living for myself. To date, I’ve cobbled together a small book of clients and paid the bills, but just barely. I’ve never had a solid sustainability program in place, mostly because I’ve been too busy hustling for clients the old-fashioned way: send an email, leave a voicemail, supply samples, hope and pray for business. The problem with that approach is I always seemed to operate from a place of slight desperation; when a client dropped away, there was always a mad scramble to replace them and that’s a stressful way to run a business. In short, I’ve been working harder, not smarter. But thanks to Angela’s program, all that has changed.

She taught me exactly how to generate the qualified leads that will make my income skyrocket. Oh, I’ll still have to work hard, but now I’m much better equipped to match my strengths and solutions to my client’s needs. Angela gave me the specifics of how to create marketing materials that are laser-focused on one target prospect group at a time instead of a shot-gun approach. My biggest takeaway from Angela’s program is the process that needs to happen before marketing begins. She provided lots of writing prompts so that I’m crystal clear about what my business is, why I started my business, how it solves specific problems and how I stand out from my competition. Then she taught me how to create one piece of marketing that has all the material for future marketing material so, I won’t have to recreate the wheel every time I want to prospect a new group!

Other valuable takeaways from the program included how to write my UMP—my Unique Money-Making Proposition, how to design an irresistible gift as a part of my marketing package and how to structure the components of an email template. If you want to learn how to quickly convert prospects into paying clients—while continuing to replenish your prospect pipeline—do not wait to sign up for From Passion to Profitability. This program saved my bacon—and showed me a better way to put it on the table!

Angela is a tremendous coach and teacher. I learned so many valuable nuggets from her when it comes to writing sales copy—like how to drill down to unearth my “why,” how to overcome objections and how to show a prospect how I’ll solve their problems. She went outside the parameters of our scheduled work and helped me create a product from start to finish—within a couple of months I had two new clients! I cannot thank her enough!

UPDATE: Angela, the two clients I got as a result of working with you resulted in more than $50k in business in the last 5 months! In addition, my new upgraded skills just landed me a Social Media and Digital Content Director position to boot.

–Beth Wilson,


Business Coaching:

“Angela Artemis’ Passion to Profitability course is a true gem. I’ve listened to several coaches over the years who have offered advice on how to get your ideal client and generate leads. More times than not, I’ve walked away overwhelmed and ended up feeling immobilized. In this course, Angela, in her concise and open manner, takes you step by step through the process of how to create a business that you’re passionate about, how to hone in on your ideal client, and how to market your services effectively and generate strong leads that will result in sales. Passion to Profitability is smart, invigorating, and informative. I highly recommend it.”

–Fran Sorin, Author of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening, 10th Anniversary Edition


Business Coaching:

Business Coaching: Angela’s program is laser focused on how to start or move your business forward by clearly knowing the solution you provide so your offers to clients are clear. She stresses the importance of getting to the heart of your ideal client by using an intuitive marketing and attraction model to get to know your ideal client as well as you know yourself. I loved the simple and easy to implement list Angela provides of gifts that are irresistible to help build your list. Angela’s program shares some great marketing tips including her Facebook ad strategy and how often to extend an offer to your list. Rather than be constantly creating new information, Angela shares how to repurpose content so that your efforts are streamlined as you move forward. Beyond her sound advice, the program is offered in a clear, easy to follow format and is full of useful information. I highly recommend Angela’s program for anyone interested in learning how to have a successful online business.

UPDATE: I have gotten 4 (high-ticket) coaching clients! So that was exciting and wanted to share. Thanks again for all your help!

–Cathy Taughinbaugh,


Business Coaching:

“You hear a lot these days about the list-building benefits of Facebook ads. I heard a lot at the Sales Authenticity & Success Mastermind retreat from people wanting to try Facebook ads. “SASSY sister” Angela Artemis has taught me a TON about the whole process–and blogging, too. She even made it sound fun! She is a true expert when it comes to lead generation. Thanks so much, Angela!”

–Sandra Millers Younger,


Business Coaching:

“Angela’s Marketing course made everything so much easier to understand. She had everything set up in simple to follow steps. Plus the resources she mentioned were ones that I’ll be able to use again and again.”

–Melissa Zoske,


Business Development Coaching:

Recently I asked Angela to give me some coaching to help develop my business. Up to this point, I had experience working in person with clients and I wanted to expand my reach by offering my services online. Although I had gained a certain level of knowledge about developing an online business, in some areas I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start, and on other topics I felt there were missing pieces. So I booked a meeting to talk about my questions.

Angela was incredibly helpful and provided lots of insight by drilling deeper into my questions. Her experience in developing a business and her straightforward approach gave me what I needed and much more. I’m very grateful for the clarity and insight I gained in such a short time! Angela will be my go-to person if I get stuck again.

Thanks so much Angela! You are a wealth of information!

M. Smith,

Ontario, Canada 


Business Coaching:

Before I talked to Angela I was feeling stuck. I kept going back and forth, second guessing myself at every step along the way. Angela was immediately able to clear all the clutter and see what I really wanted and needed to do to move forward. She cleared the blocks I had put in place and allowed me to make giant steps forward in a really short amount of time. 

I went from not knowing what to do, to knowing exactly where to go. Within an hour after our call I had a new program, the name for my next program, the fee structure, ideas to fill it for months, the list goes on and on.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Angela. In one phone call we accomplished more than I’d been able to do on my own for months.

—Katie Goode,


Business Coaching:
I fully appreciate coaching with Angela. The homework that she gave prior to the coaching session already gave me more clarity on what I want to convey in my own healing modality. During the session itself, she gave me lots of space to verbalize what I want, while adding her own insights to clarify my thinking process. She gave a clear conclusion with lots of practical doable steps that kept me busy with excitement for many days after our session! Angela is also very supportive in helping me further with my write-ups post-session. Thank you once again for your uplifting encouragement and practical insights!
Love, Bingz
Intuitive Healer,